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Helping Perth children achieve their communicative potential.

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Smart Talk Therapy for Kids

Positivity, integrity, knowledge and creativity.

Smart Talk Therapy for Kids are passionate about providing Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy assessment and therapy services to children.

We currently provide services from our multidisciplinary practices in Wembley,  Joondalup and Rockingham. We also provide home and school visit services around the Perth metropolitan area and in Port Hedland.

Our Services

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Understanding and Expression

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Articulation, stuttering, motor planning/ Childhood Apraxia of Speech

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Orofacial Myology

Tongue thrust, thumb, finger and dummy sucking, biting habits…

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Phonological awareness, reading, writing and spelling

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Social Skills

Greetings, making friends, social interactions etc.

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Other Services

Stuttering and swallowing and mealtime management

Our Team

Our Speech Pathologists

Cat-Smart-Talk-1-200x200 Home

Catherine de Beaux

LEARN-MORE-BLUE-1-300x225 Home

Lauren Home

Lauren Miko

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-300x225 Home

Hannah-New-1-200x200 Home

Hannah Cain

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-300x225 Home

Gen-Smart-Talk-1-200x200 Home

Genenieve Wilmot

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-300x225 Home

Kaelee-Smart-Talk-200x200 Home

Kaelee Koprowicz

LEARN-MORE-BLUE-1-300x225 Home

Lisa-Smart-talk-200x200 Home

Lisa Goddard

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-300x225 Home

Emma-New-1-200x200 Home

Emma Corry

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-300x225 Home

Courtney-New-1-200x200 Home

Courtney Lamond

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-300x225 Home

Lena-Smart-Talk-200x200 Home

Lena Audeh

LEARN-MORE-BLUE-1-300x225 Home

Kelly-Smart-Talk-1-200x200 Home

Kelly Mackean

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-300x225 Home

Our Occupational Therapists

Caitlin-200x200 Home

Caitlin Smith

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-300x225 Home

Mika-Smart-Talk-1-200x200 Home

Mika Lee

LEARN-MORE-BLUE-1-300x225 Home

Our Administrators

Cheri1-1-200x200 Home

Cheri Amaranti

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-300x225 Home

Rosemary1-1-200x200 Home

Rosemary Catalano

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-300x225 Home

Jess-Smart-Talk-1-200x200 Home

Jess de Beaux

LEARN-MORE-BLUE-1-300x225 Home

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Get in touch with us to book a time at any of our multidisciplinary practices in Wembley,  JoondalupRockingham and Mandurah. We also provide home and school visit services around the Perth metropolitan area and in Port Hedland.

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