Autism assessment requires multidisciplinary consultation between a paediatrician, psychologist and speech pathologist. Autism assessment with the Smart Talk consists of the speech pathology component with coordination between the other parties, which may include both public or private paediatricians.

We are involved in joint assessments with numerous psychologists locally. We can support you to locate a professional to complete this process as required.

What’s included:

As part of your child’s individual assessment, language assessment and autism diagnostic assessment (ADOS) is completed. The ADOS is semi-structured, standardised assessment of Communication, Social interaction, Play, and restricted and repetitive behaviours.

The assessment also involves a clinical interview with the primary carers. This includes an in-depth analysis of your child’s developmental history and milestones, teacher or day-care interviews and classroom observations, and individual assessments of your child.

Education settings (school or childcare) are consulted with, regarding your child’s functionality in the social or structured learning environments. Where required we may also attend the school for further observations.

The speech pathologist will liaise with all relevant professionals including therapists, assessing psychologists, and paediatrician to ensure a consensus regarding the presentation is reached.

Once agreed on, assessment findings and recommendations are presented in a comprehensive assessment report which is sent to your child’s Paediatrician to review for formal diagnosis. We provide support to families following assessment to aid with recommendations moving forward and to provide support for further services such as the NDIS.

If you have questions about this process please contact our friendly team who can provide you with further information.