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Stetro Grip

A small firm grip made of moulded plastic. Great for reinforcing finger positioning for older children – we recommend for 7yrs plus.

Grotto Grip

The Grotto Grip encourages correct finger position and helps children to maintain a comfortable position without thumb wrapping. Keeping the thumb in a position where the webspace is open is ideal as this supports optimal control and stability. Suitable for left and right handers. Widely recommended by Occupational Therapists.

Ribie Foam Grip

Ribie foam grips come in a variety of bright colours and tactile bumps. The tactile input can help to reduce grip pressure on the pencil.

Jumbo Pencil Grip

The Jumbo pencil grip is an enlarged version of The Pencil Grip, suitable for preschool children. It supports the fingers and opens up the webspace to assist in writing control.

The Pencil Grip

One of the most popular grips around. A large, soft comfortable grip which helps position fingers and maintain an open webspace. Suitable for both left and right hands. This is the pencil grip that solves many problems just because it comfortably supports fingers in the optimal position for easy writing. It used to be called ‘The Comfort Grip’!

Crossover Pencil Grip

This is the new design from the makers of The Pencil Grip. This grip is highly recommended to assist children to learn to maintain a comfortable grip without thumb-wrapping. Now our most popular pencil grip! This grip has a soft, comfortable feel and is suitable for left or right handers.

The Groovy Grip

The Groovy Grip features a sleek ergonomic design with linear raised lines for a unique tactile feel. This new pencil grip option is made by the same people who make The Pencil Grip, Crossovers, Pinch Grip, Jumbo and Bumpy Grips. They all give very comfortable positioning for optimal writing. The Groovy Grip is a good option for children who tend to hold too tightly, have poor pencil control, or need some positional support. It won’t correct a thumb wrap – the Crossover and Pinch grips are better options for that.

Provides excellent tactile feedback
Encourages correct positioning for beginning writers
Relieves fatigue when writing for long periods of time


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