What to Expect?

What is speech pathology/speech therapy?

Speech pathology, speech therapy and speech language pathology all refer to the same field of practice. Speech Pathologists complete a 4 year Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology) or 2 year Masters degree. Speech Pathologists provide assessment, therapy and management from newborn babies right to the later stages of life. At Smart Talk Speech Pathology, we focus on children from the age of 1 to 18 years. We work in the areas of language, speech, literacy, social skills, stuttering, mealtime management and orofacial myology.


To begin with, information about the child’s development and a case history will be gathered.

Depending on the age of the child and the difficulties identified, assessment may be formal or informal and include any combination of standardized tests; direct observation of play and interaction with caregivers; report by parent, teacher, or physician; and collection and detailed analysis of spontaneous speech samples.


From the results of the evaluation, goals and a treatment plan will be discussed with the parent. Therapy sessions may be weekly or fortnightly and are generally 30 minutes. Every child and speech or language difficulty is different which makes estimating the length of therapy challenging. Your child’s progress will continually be discussed with you session to session.

Smart Talk believes that children are more engaged in learning that is fun. Our sessions are positive, fun and tailored specifically to your child’s needs, in a way that enables them to reach their potential.

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