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Meet our dynamic dedicated team! All of our Speech Pathologists are members of Speech Pathology Australia and hold bachelor of Science degrees in Speech Pathology.

They are passionate about speech therapy and improving children’s communication. They believe learning should be fun and engaging.

Catherine established Smart Talk in 2000. Initially the service arose to fill the needs of school aged children. It has since evolved to cater to the needs of toddlers, primary and secondary school children in a fun, vibrant kid-friendly atmosphere. For more information see services.

In 2015, Lauren and Catherine established a partnership and are now both the owners of Smart Talk Speech Pathology.

Since then, Smart Talk Speech Pathology has become a part of AIM Therapy, a multidisciplinary paediatric centre. AIM Therapy also includes AIM Occupational Therapy, Directions Psychology and Grange Physiotherapy. We believe that working in multidisciplinary team enables us to view a client holistically, which results in the highest standards of practise for the child and their family.


To make a positive difference to the lives of children and youths to achieve their communicative potential, motivated to create better relationships and opportunities for young people and help make communication a joy.


To provide strategies to help Perth kids achieve their potential in

a fun and creative manner.


positivity, integrity, tenacity, knowledge and creativity.

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Get in touch with us to book a time at any of our multidisciplinary practices in Wembley,  JoondalupRockingham and Mandurah. We also provide home and school visit services around the Perth metropolitan area and in Port Hedland.

Our Team

Catherine-Smart-Talk-200x200 About Us

Catherine de Beaux

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Lauren About Us

Lauren Miko

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Hannah-New-1-200x200 About Us

Hannah Cain

LEARN-MORE-GREEN-1-150x150 About Us

Gen-new-1-200x200 About Us

Genenieve Wilmot

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Kaelee-Smart-Talk-200x200 About Us

Kaelee Koprowicz

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Lisa-Smart-talk-200x200 About Us

Lisa Goddard

LEARN-MORE-YELLO-1-150x150 About Us

Emma-New-1-200x200 About Us

Emma Corry

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Courtney-New-1-200x200 About Us

Courtney Lamond

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Lena-Smart-Talk-200x200 About Us

Lena Audeh

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